Songstars Original Artists Forum

SONGSTARS began as an original artists showcase.  10 original music artists were chosen from an open audition to present their songs in a live show.  They were given the opportunity to workshop their song with a professional band consisting of any combination of instruments or vocals that the artist desired.  In addition they received vocal coaching, publicity and grooming advice as well as performance coaching. The artists then performed for a live audience in Queenstown, NZ, and panel of esteemed members of the music industry (current performing artists, members of the recording industry, veterans of music production, and current industry professionals).  We furthered the careers of 50 artists, and recorded 52 original songs over a five year period.  

We are now an original artists forum highlighting the work of our artists and providing a platform for other up and coming musical artists in the Wakatipu area.  

Songstars salutes all those who have contributed to this project.

Mike Kennedy
Jazzmin Pearse
Ami Lyons
Theo Baumfield
Tom Maxwell
Dominic Hazell
Fee Stephenson
Derek Smith
Paul Sherman
Sarah Foley
Joe Cowie
Margaret Amor
Harry James
Erin Crowley
Tai Forrester
Tania Carter
Peter Caulton
Thomas Brinsley
Jake Chandler
Sam Hillman
Charlotte Graf
Alex Fraser
Rebeca Barnes
Paul Winders
Holly Hoogvliet
Sam Hillman
Tori Reed
Marty Newell
Isabella Reid

Photos:  Dan Childs Photography 

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Whirlwind Productions NZ is a small but insistent original theatre company dedicated to creating original Rock and Roll Theatre in Queenstown NZ, a small town in the South Island of New Zealand.  

We write all our own shows.

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