Create a Rock Opera using only the lyrics of Bowie Songs as Dialogue.  Make it a full scale Musical with a Company of players to demonstrate locations and passage of time. Make the story a generic story of the rise and fall of 70's stardom and not anything particular to Bowie himself. 


Musicians/ Singers rather than experienced Musical actors.

People with character and life experience.  

No Musical Theatre voices.

No professional dancers.

Drug abuse experience a plus.


Auditions to be held in a nightclub.


"How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people?"



L-R: Shaun Vining (Idol), Jeremy Harris, Pearly McGrath (Suzi), Jen Shelton, Katy Anderson, Max Gunn (Joe), Jason Fullerton, Trish McInerney, David Oakley, Liz Drysdale.

Seated: Paul Halsted, Tiffany Menzies, Helen Bird, Thomas Brinsley.

(Missing: Sam Hillman (DJ), Martin Grounds, Margaret O'Hanlon)


Drugs, Funk, LA, Excess, Street, Avant-garde, Kodachrome, Circus, Medusa, Poison apple, Eternal youth, Greek Mythology, Dead Rock Stars, Fame Grotesque, Mime, Bollywood, Fame, Band on stage, Silent Films, Digital vs. Analog, Breakdown of a relationship. Silent Film, Harold Lloyd...



Utilise static images of Quotes from famous artists that have died as plot point lines during scene changes (like in silent movies).  Use film footage of the actual acters to enhance the action.  

"Actually I don't remember being born, it must have happened during one of my black outs."

 - Jim Morrison

(Max Gunn and Pearly McGrath get ready for their video shoot.)

(left) Kay Turner (left)did her best to channel Vivienne Westwood for the hair and costumes.(Hair By Lyn-Maire Harris).  The costume (right) was inspiration for the song "Time".

David Oakley (right) was the mastermind behind the video, here he is going over cues with the stage hands right before getting into costume to be onstage. 


The Press went crazy...   (Click on clipping to read more)

Mountain Scene
Otago Daily Times
Radio New Zealand/National Radio
Otago Daily Times

Whirlwind Productions NZ is a small but insistent original theatre company dedicated to creating original Rock and Roll Theatre in Queenstown NZ, a small town in the South Island of New Zealand.  

We write all our own shows.

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