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The Chain - 2017

The Chain-81.jpg

2016-17 was a very interesting time for me; my husband had been diagnosed with lymphoma, my mother had taken a serious fall and was badly injured, breaking both arms and shattering her shoulder, and a dear close friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

I hadn't produced a show in a while, and hadn't written anything either.  I started thinking about what is important in life and what is not.  What kept rising to the surface for me over and over was how fortunate I am to have friends, who are all different in their own way, but each play an important role in my life.  Consequently some heavy life lessons continued to be thrown my way, but writing "The Chain" gave me sanity and gratitude. 

Our tag line was "everyone has those 5 friends..." and I was delighted and relieved that The Chain was so well received.  I am also eternally grateful to Stevie Nicks for not taking herself too seriously to grant us the rights to use her music.  Thanks Stevie, you are still the voice of women.

I was also so excited to work with the incredible team again, especially Kay Turner, who designed the outfits from scratch and really resurrected the essense of Stevie Nicks. 

- Margaret O'Hanlon

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