Crazy - 2018

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Crazy had been a labour of love for two straight years before finally becoming actualised for the stage in 2018.  A considerable amount of tragedy had found its way into writer Margaret O'Hanlon's life, so it was abandoned in 2017 for the lighter comedic "The Chain".  

Inspired by real-life events when two friends (on different occasions) were "sectioned" (committed  to the psyche ward in Invercargill), the inadequacies  of our national health care system became real.  There is something truly wrong with never addressing the cause, but simply focusing on the symptom.    

"I really wanted people to understand that the state of insanity does not always have to be a permanent state.  That sometimes you fall into a state of irrationality adn unravelling, at which point you are capable of doing soem very destructive things.  But this state of unwell does not have to define you as a whole.  By the same token I feel it's important for us to recognise the inability for some to just 'snap out of it' and to understand those folks caught in that vortex have limitations too".