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Radio Kaos - 2019

Ever wonder what Queenstown was like in the 80's?


Remember when The Mall was Queenstown Central, traffic lights were as rare as non-smoking bars and a coffee was instant and bottomless? 1987. Radio K.A.O.S. is an independent community station full of colourful Disc Jocks and outrageous clients and the owner Errol Spearmee is the toast of the town! That is until one Black Tuesday when the stock market crashes and Giant Radio move in...

This comedic masterpiece was written and concieved by Co-Producer Charlotte Graf.  Charlotte's early years were in the radio and the unique roll Radio DJ's play in a small town.  Her characters are timeless on iconic and there's help from long-time comedy writer Mike Legge. 

Tragically not long after the production icon Chaz Drader (who started the very first independent radio station in the Wakatipu) died of old age.  He had managed to see the show.

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