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California  Dreaming - 2012

After exploring the social history of Britain through song, I decided to hit closer to home and examine that formative time in history; The summer of love.  Alot is written about 1968 as a monumental year, but 1969 was truly the pivot to enlightenment,  when in fact things erupted.  It was the year John Lennon married Yoko Ono, the year Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, and the year Charlie Manson created a cult devoted to murder.   Taking some of the iconic personalities of the time; Manson, Hunter S. Thompson, Gloria Steinham, Brigit Bardeaux, Angela Davis and the occupation  of People's Park (San Fran) we created our own 'what if' story as a backdrop to an eventual demise.  The music of California in '69 provided the backdrop.  

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