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Another fine year...

Another fine year for churning out 10 exceptional artists. Loving the vibe we had this year, no doubt set by our fantastic winners; Tom Maxwell and Jazzmin Pearse. Two very humble amazing artists. Tom's song "Bad Dreams" haunting and expertly crafted, and Jazzy's screaming thumping ballad "I Don't Like You But I Hate You More" claiming her as a voice to be reckoned with. The final count: Jazzmin sweeping the audience vote as winner three nights in a row, with Tom in Second place and Fiona Stephenson raking in third. The Industry judges were not so straight forward - they chose Tom Maxwell as a close first to the second place contender Paul Shipman's "Broken", with a tie between Wakatipu HS student Theo Baumfield and Wanaka's Mike Kennedy as third. The media that followed proved once again that Songstars serves a purpose in our community. What a boost for all those involved.

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