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Pol Nicholson - Musical Director


Talented Scotsman Pol Nicholson was first discovered busking in the Queenstown Mall by Margaret O'Hanlon.  Coming on board as a backing singer for Songstars Original Artists competition, within a year he was the Musical Director, composing and arranging and tutoring the aspiring songwriters.  Having a flair for the stage himself he graced the stage in "London Calling" as well as played numerous instruments.  Pol completed his musical degree in Edinburgh, before ending up in teh streets of Queenstown.  Boasting proficiency on the guitar, mandolin, bass, drums and the occasional keyboard, Pol's talent surpasses him.  

A Whirlwind Production could not be the same without the creative input and never ceasing enthusiasm of Pol Nicholson. 

Pol lives with his husband Andy in a remote suburb of Queenstown known as Sunshine Bay.  They have a coffee brewing business known as "Black Lab".

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