Paul Inger - Technical /Director


Paul Inger cut his teeth in the UK managing and engineering for touring heavy metal bands.  At some point he made his way to New Zealand and took up residence with the local chapter of Shipleys Audiovisual.  Now he effectively manages the Queenstown branch and trains young up and coming engineers.  Paul runs his own very successful recording studio - "The Recording Room" in Queenstown.  

Paul has been with Whirlwind from the very beginning and has mastered the fine art of mixing 13+ headsets with a live band to a point of perfection.  No venue is too impossible for Paul and he is indisposable as one of our team. 

Whirlwind Productions NZ is a small but insistent original theatre company dedicated to creating original Rock and Roll Theatre in Queenstown NZ, a small town in the South Island of New Zealand.  

We write all our own shows.

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