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Kay Turner
Costume Designer/Art Director

Kay is a creative and inspired jewelry maker and a fully qualified freelance pattern maker. She's worked with Jane Daniels, Jane Sutherland and Caro & Jerrat, Ltd.  Kay first started making costumes for Whirlwind way back in the Starry Eyed days when they needed bespoke garments for each contestant.   Kay not only creates the costumes, but she develops the overall 'look' of each production.


"The pattern maker is the technical expert behind the designer and theatre is no different – the director has a vision and it’s my job to interpret that. The complications come with availability of materials along with the lighting and distance issues the stage throws up. 


I mainly build on existing garments. It’s cost effective and quicker – the Salvation Army Op Shop is my salvation and you’d be amazed at what people have in their wardrobes. Research is the key to authenticity – iconic images that people remember. Thank god for Google.


I thrive on the hype and the tension – things go wrong or don’t quite work but there is always a solution. The reward is in the response from the team and the audiences and in producing something better each time."


Kay co-manages Hullabaloo Gallery in Cromwell, and lives a comfortable life in sunny Kelvin Heights with her Quantity Surveyor husband, Jeff.

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