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Charlotte Graf - Writer/Producer/Performer

Charlotte Graf has been performing since she was 14.  As a Writer and producer Charlotte has written her own shows and skits. Charlotte is the creative force behind "La Nuit D'Extraordinaire". 

Charlotte is a constant on the Whirlwind stage, starting with her dream role performing Led Zeppelin in "London Calling", feminist activist Gloria Steinem in "California Dreaming" and recently as Ruby (Janis Joplin) in "Twenty Seven",  She showed her comedic prowess with the smoking, drinking Kerry in "The Chain", and guided us through the maze of psychosis as the struggling Mirabelle in "Crazy".  With the upcoming "Radio KAOS", Charlotte once again proves her talent for comedy.


"Whirlwind Productions is an innovative team of inspired writers, singers, actors, musicians, costume designers and talented crew of which I am gleefully a part of." 


Charlotte runs her own very successful entertainment company, REDEntertainment,, offering music entertainment, singing waitresses, and iconic celebrity impersonators.   Charlotte works as a professional musician.


Charlotte is also an established painter, award winning wearable arts designer, and runs her own Face/Body paint business, The Paint People (


She lives a quiet life in Arrowtown with her husband Paul and their two children. 

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