The Singers Workshop

"When I first moved to Queenstown I realised that there was a real need for a qualified vocal tutor. This is a real DIY culture, and most singers adapted to that philosophy and pretty much just tried to nut it out for themselves.  I happen to have been very privileged to have grown up and studied at the Laguardia School of the Arts (the "Fame" school)  in New York City. I worked with some extremely talented tutors in areas of classical, jazz, gospel and Musical Theatre singing.  However, I was not a highly rated student.  I was terrified of singing in public and I had a small thin voice.  I was advised by one teacher that "You'll never be a singer".  This sort of criticism made me even more determined to master my craft and work extremely hard at overcoming my nerves. Today I am a professional singer and I love performing.  I believe that my own experience in being discouraged in developing my talents, as opposed to encouraged, has shaped the way I teach and the exercises I have adapted and developed that allow students to feel comfortable with their natural voice."

"Since 1995 I've been running group classes which I called 'The Singers Workshop'. The goal of every class is to get up at the end of it and perform solo in front of an invited audience.  I've found that not only will a person be driven to practise their material if they are working in a group but the benefit of each person in the group in seeing how their peers can overcome the same obstacles they share, is an excellent learning tool. Add to that the fact that you are simultaneously conquering nerves and you have a really effective method. "

Margaret O'Hanlon putting it into practise

"People always ask me 'Can anyone sing?' And the answer is of course, yes.  If you can speak, you can sing.  Whether you learn to sing well is another story - that requires work.  It's all about the breathing.  Everything is the breathing.  How you choose to 'paint' with that is up to you." 

The Singers Workshop
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